Chutney Ingredients

July 9, 2010

Winter is  the best time to enjoy variety of food and to add to that enjoyment, we Indians prepare chutney, chutney is the only Hindi word which has been incorporated into English. 🙂

Though there are more ingredients required to make chutney, however the main are Tomato, Chilli and Coriander.

The preparation of chutney made from homegrown ingredients takes a bit longer, and it starts from sowing the seeds. 🙂




 This is x236 F1 Hybrid – its hot.


The variety is ‘Naval’. This is the final transplant. The bottom of the 4″ container was filled with LECA and the rest with peat and perlite.

Let me tell you that this variety is very sour, only one small fruit is enough for any vegetable dish.


So we are ready to prepare the chutney, guess how it must have tested with the above ingredients.

There is one more plant which would be of relevance to this post, it is widely used in Indian kitchens, can you guess?

This is curry tree (sweet neem) its around 7′ tall in a small container of around 8ltr.

~Happy Gardening