I am a s/w Er.  by profrssion, and a hobby gardener. I have developed passion and love for my hobby.

Somewhere I have read that gardening is a ‘Divine’ hobby, and I have felt this statement to be true as the closeness you feel with the nature is somthing which can only be felt.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Padma Says:


    Can the tomatoes grown by you called organic?

    • fungardener Says:

      Thats a good question Padma, I grew the tomatoes using two different methods, both using the soil-less media (cocopeat, perlite and vermi compost) I fed few plants with water soluble inorganic fertilizer, and the remaining with only the compost, I never used any inorganic pesticide on the plants.

      So the tomatoes harvested from the plants, fed with inorganic fertlizer may not qualify to be called as organic produce.


  2. Naveen Joshi Says:

    Please advise soilless mixture store around Kharadi Pune. Otherwise please suggest how to make it for/in Pune climate.

    • fungardener Says:

      Hi Naveen,

      Jagtap nursery has opened a store in Magarpatta City, you could find cocopeat there, perlite can be purchased online or from Naik agro Swargate.


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