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Growing Cabbage – The GG way

May 15, 2010

Cabbage is my most favorite vegetable,which I really love to eat. I have been thinking about growing it in the containers, then came this and this post from geekgardener which inspired me grow it and grow it his way.

All the steps are almost similar as GG has described. The tank nipple fitted an inch above the bottom really works well for the soilless media. All the plants I have grown this way tend to do better than the ones which grow in bottom drained containers. I have adopted this method and all my new planters are like this.

At this point I had applied an additional dose of nitrogen as the formation of the cabbage was very slow, and I think that did the trick.

I never had to apply any pesticide through out the life cycle of this crop.

The taste was awesome and the difference is clear from the ones which I get from the market.

Though this was grown in winters the post took months to come, I am really lazy about writing posts.

Thanks GG for inspiring me and many others to take up vegetable gardening.