Container vegetable gardening – Updates

These updates were pending from a long time now.

In my earlier post I had written about the fist produce of my long purple egg plant. After that I transplanted into a 15 ltr container – Here is what it did after that,

After this harvest plant became dormant for almost a months and also got heavily infested by mealey bug. I got disappointed and once also thought about eliminating the plant. but then I started thinking that why is this happening I was spraying organic insecticidal soap and neem oil regularly, then I thought that probably it is not getting adequate sunlight as it gets only 3-4 about hours daily. 

But then the miracle happened I pruned it a bit, sprayed with soap + neem oil + cytozyme (Gibberellic acid + proteins + sea weed + FeSO4 + ZnSO4 + MgSO4 + MnSO4) / balanced NPK. and wow just see the results:

This another type growing in a very small container but keeps producing.

Now I am growing the big black beauty. see how big the leaves are.

The pic below is of reddish, which we dont get in the market

It tastes excellent and is a quick crop just 35 days after seed sowing.

I have also successfully grown tomato this season. but it deserves a separate post.

Bye till then.


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11 Responses to “Container vegetable gardening – Updates”

  1. geekgardener Says:

    Amazing harvest and the post too. Cytozyme is Spic cytozyme right?..

    The black beauty plant I had, had the huge sized leaves… One can serve a meal on that…

    Reddish.. I had mixed results last time.. one or two were good sized and the others were teeny.. Daily rains kinda spoiled the plants later.. Seeing yours I feel I should give it another try..


  2. fungardener Says:

    Thanks GG,
    That is Anu’s cytozyme some delhi based company I think. True about the leaves, it has set a fruit and the black beauty is really a shining one.
    Reddish needs a high P fert. try it, its a really good container crop.

  3. Sumathy Says:

    Wow, great! they look so healthy. I am sure it would be really tasty too. I came to your site thru geekgardner’s site. I m planning to grow egg plants too. Good write up.


  4. fungardener Says:

    Thanks for visiting Sumathy. Yes they were very tasty, infact homegrown veggies always taste better than the purchased one.
    All the best to you. Do post some snaps of them.

  5. Anil Mahato Says:


    can you please tell me where to get Keradix in Pune.

  6. Says:

    what’s the media in the reddish bed?

  7. Fungardener Says:

    Hi PK,
    The media you see above consists of cocopeat (40%) + Perlite (20%) + Compost (30%) + vermiculite (10%).

    Whats the update on your aquaponics setup?

  8. KTP Says:

    Hi FG. Where can I get this Radish seed in Mumbai? Also tell me whether you conduct any gardening workshops in Mumbai or Pune specially for soil mix, fertilizers and pesticides.

  9. fungardener Says:

    Sorry for replying late,
    I dont know much about shops in Mumbai, however you could contact Ratanshi Agro, the other easier option would be to buy seeds online, there are a few sites which are reliable, I have bought seeds from them.
    I do not conduct any workshops in either Mumbai or Pune, however you can send me your queries over email or post them in the blog.

    Happy Gardening,

  10. Raj Says:

    Any luck on growing methi ? I troed the one whch we get form grocery shop as well as hybrid seeds from nursery,plant doesnt grow after a week

    • fungardener Says:

      Hi Raj,
      Yes I have grown it in the past, what were the climatic conditions and the potting media when you sowed the seeds?

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