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Tomato – Tumbler(F1 Hybrid)

January 25, 2010

This post is special for me as the tumbler variety gave me the much awaited success in growing tomato’s in containers.

I purchased the seeds of this variety as it was written on the label that it can be grown in containers. As the name suggests this variety is specially meant for containers. Its a determinate-cascading variety where no side shoot pruning is required.

The variety proved itself, grew beautifully and gave a wonderful harvest. An inexperienced tomato grower should try this variety.

I’ll let the images speak.

Oct' 24, '09

Nov' 01, '09

Nov' 10, '09

Dec' 03, '09

Dec' 13, '09

Dec' 13, '09

Dec' 21, '09

Dec' 27, '09

Jan' 03, '10

Jan' 13, '10

Jan' 13, '10

Jan' 13, '09

The success inspired me to try these other varieties as well

As of now I am growing following varieties:

1. Naval (Navlakha Seeds) – Has started setting fruits.

2. Red Cherry – Baby (Navlakha Seeds) – Has germinated.

3. 100’s & 1000’s (Suttons Seeds) – Sowed

4. Gardener’s Delight (Suttons Seeds) – Sowed

Will update you about how there varieties are coming up.