Egg plant – from seeds to curry

The experience of growing vegetables is beyond compare, the joy can only be felt.

I started the long purple eggplant variety which is hard to find here, and the taste of the curry prepared by my mother was continuously  inspiring me to grow it.



I used a 5ltr vegetable oil plastic container to plant the sapling, the potting mix contained peat (50)+perlite(20)+vermi compost and other organic manure(20).

And weekly feed of a water soluble fertilizer was all it took.




The plant grew rapidly and soon started flowering.


This was the gift the plant gave me when I returned back from my overseas travel.



The very next day the curry was on my plate.


Oh it was delicious.

Thank you nature. I really owe a lot to you.


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17 Responses to “Egg plant – from seeds to curry”

  1. geekgardener Says:

    Wow Fg, thats a beauty. Look at the shine on that brinjal . Excellent quality. I have transplanted Imperial Black beauty brinjals this month and just waiting for them to grow.. ..


  2. fungardener Says:

    Thanks gg, Imperial Black beauty post will be worth waiting.

  3. geekgardener Says:


    Have a question for you. You mentioned sometime back that you were able get LECA stones right? Is it available in Pune? Could you point me/help me find them. ?


  4. fungardener Says:

    Hi gg,
    Yes, I found them at one shop in pune.
    Its a small shop, and they dont have any email / website, I’ll enquire about whether they ship it to b’lore and will let you know, if not I can also send it to you. You may be able to find them in b’lore but as per my experience it is difficult to find as hydroponics is not popular in India, and hydroton is mainly used for decorative purpose, you can try at the stores who deal with indoor plants.

  5. geekgardener Says:


    I tried in many indoor shops and garden centres. No luck :(. I also called the shop whose link you have me. Girme Farm. From what I could understand he said it is sold in litres and it costs approx 60Rs/Litre. He asked me to give a call tomorrow.

    Any idea what is the price he sells..


  6. fungardener Says:

    I had been to the shop last week and inquired about sending it to b’lore through courier, the manager said that he could do that however he wanted it to be confirmed by the shop owner. If you are not able to get in touch, I could again go and check with them.
    About the price – it is approx. same as he told you, however a pack of 3 ltr would be sufficient to start with.
    By the way what are you planning to do with it?
    -Mix it with the growing medium to have better oxygen circulation. and holding nutrients.
    -Place them at the bottom of the container to have better drainage.
    -Use them as completely inert growing medium.


  7. geekgardener Says:


    I will try contacting them this weekend and see if they will courier say around 5litres.

    I am planning to use them as completely inert medium soaked in nutrient solution. The nutrients will be circulated or bubbled through an aquarium bubbler.


  8. Raja Says:

    Hi fg,

    The yield is just superb, great going with your vegetable gardening.

  9. fungardener Says:

    Thanks Raja,
    However I realized of late that the 5ltr container is small for the plants need, as I had used the soilless medium the roots grew so rapidly that the entire container has become root bound. There is a learning here, either I should have used a bigger container or used some soil in the mix. This would need more experimenting.

  10. rajapanda Says:

    You are very right about the learning part. Nature is a great teacher. I have never grown brinjal’s myself. So was thinking of starting a patch with them. You have any suggestions on the variety of seeds I should start with ? Should I seed start them in a smaller container first or are they are ok for facing the elements directly outside?

  11. rajkumar Says:

    hi fungardner… first let me congrajulate u for the grand success of your hydroponics experiment:).
    i have tried it but did not get sucess.. the last tomato plant which has grown was dead today… jus grew a bit more than a seedling.. can u guide me with hydroponics plz…
    1. what is the nutrient solution you are using? how often do u give them this solution and in the remaining week do u just simply water them?
    2. if you are using water soluble mix how much should i mix in 1ltr of water?
    3. how did u create those self watering bottles?

    sorry too many questions in my first visit.. hope am not bothering you. am totally confused about this nutrient solution..

    i’ll be eagerly waiting for your reply…what ever information you would give me would be very useful to me.. i have searched a lot on the net but could’nt find a satisfactory working nutient solution…..

    as of now i used NPK 20-20-20(not fully water soluble) , 1 teaspoon in 3 1/2 litres of water and giving it to the plants daily morning….

    thanks in advance

  12. fungardener Says:

    Nice to know that you are exploring hydroponics. What is the inspiration behind it?
    Success with hydroponics usually takes time, u have to keep experimenting and learn from mistakes and then you taste the fruits of success, but let me tell you it all gives you a great satisfaction.

    The images you saw on my post were the plants which were grown hydroponically they grew quit well but they didn’t produce fruits. So the success was partial, but recently I got succeeded in growing an egg plant and a rose plant hydroponically, I have to write a post about them (have been busy for some time now, but planning to write about it soon).

    1. what is the nutrient solution you are using? how often do u give them this solution and in the remaining week do u just simply water them?

    – I use water soluble fertilizer which contains almost all the nutrients required for the plants. I have got two such formulations first contains 20-10-10 + micro nutrients (S, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe, Bo, Mo, Ni) and other one is 13-14-14 (macro) + micro nutrients, I also have 19-19-19, 5-15-30-7(S + Mg0) and 6-12-36. For Ca I use calcium nitrate. Sometimes I mix up these nutrients depending upon the plan growth stage.
    I usually supply nutrient after 7-10 days for rest of the time I just add water to the solution so that it reaches the desired level.

    2. if you are using water soluble mix how much should i mix in 1ltr of water?
    – I mix 1gm/ltr but that sometimes varies depending on the growth stage and the nutrient.

    3. how did u create those self watering bottles?
    – Simple, just cut the top part of a 2 ltr soda bottle, make holes on a plastic glass – so that the roots can grow out from there and reach the nutrient solution filled in the bottle below. Fill the grow media in the plastic glass put the glass on the soda bottle such that the bottom inch or so remains below the nutrient solution surface. U can also use an aquarium air pump to supply air to the nutrient solution so that oxygen is easily available to plant roots.

    There are n number of hydroponics systems which can be made, you can also invent your own I would suggest that you should go with the one which best suites your needs. (space, type plant, grow medium…) you can Google for understanding various systems and there features. We don’t get any readymade system in India sp you will have to make it on your own (that will also be fun).

    I think daily supply of nutrients killed your plants, also only 3 nutrients were supplied, I would like to know the grow medium you used.


  13. rajkumar Says:

    thank you FG, for the information… it was a lot of help for me…..

    as you said the daily supply of nutrient solution killed my plants… i used cocopeat and vermiculite in equal quanities as medium. and the nutrient solution was prepared from 20:20:20 commercial mix for land use. i used 1 teaspoon full for 3.5 litres of water and 1/4 teaspoon of epsom salt.

    now i’ve started a second batch. the medium is cocopeat (50), vermiculite(25), vermicompost(25). the solution is the same one 20:20:20 + epsom salt… and am following your suggestions….. the plants are coming out well…. thanks to you…i’ll keep you posted about my results….

    I’ve prepared the self watering soda bottles seeing your bottles… for smal plants its ok i guess but for larger ones like sweet gourd etc we need bigger bottles … my plant is out growing the bottle ha ha ha ……

    what happened to your experiments? am eagerly waiting for your blog to b updated with info…

  14. l katewa Says:

    hi fungardner,

    i am impressed and interested by pot gardneing, although have been growing tomatoes and brinjals in our garden but since the yield is not very impressive so that’s why have been looking for options.
    Kindly guide me how to start and go about it?


  15. FunGardener Says:

    Thanks I Ketwa,

    You could refer to:

    Geekgardener’s blog is loads full of information related to container gardening.
    Please do ask if you have any questions.
    Where are you based at?

    Happy Gardening

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