Rose Blooms

Summer bloom


These roses are blooming this summer in my balcony.

Ther are all container grown.














img_3758The Gladiator




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13 Responses to “Rose Blooms”

  1. geekgardener Says:

    hey fg,

    How are you. Your roses are beautiful. Must have taken lots of hardwork for that.!! How is your hydroponic experiments coming up?

    Good news.
    I am attending a training on hydroponics at petbharo in bangalore. thanks to you for letting me know of that.

    you had mentioned that you had a lot to share about your recent visit..
    let me know

  2. fungardener Says:

    Thanks gg, I am doing fine and happy that this summer gave me the most beautiful roses. Its really nice to know that you are attending the course which I would have loved to had it been organized in my city. Anyway I know that I would benefit a lot from your posts regarding that.

    My hydroponic experiment was half success, plants did very well during the vegetative stage. Then the spring season started and with the increase in the day temperature and the absence of any automated watering system the roots used to dry out by evening when I used to give them the fresh supply of the nutrient solution, all this lead to the weak resistance and plants got infested with spider mites, red mites… when they were flowering, I had also given a wring dose of (CaNo3)2. Which probably resulted in the late flowering and fruit setting there are many things might have led to the failure, but I wont call it a failure as I successfully learned many things, will soon start a fresh new experiment.

    While reading about hydroponic growing mediums I learned about hydroton (expanded clay pebbles or LECA) I found it to be most suitable for hydroponics because of its wicking properties, I searched a lot but couldn’t find it anywhere in the city and even on the internet in India, then in the month of march I visited my native place in Chattisgarh and saw it in one small gardening shop I was shocked and surprised to find it there. The shop keeper told me that he had imported it from France. That shopkeeper was having great knowledge about plants, growing mediums, fertilizers and pesticides, he also gave me a china made pesticide which works on almost all the pests including the leaf minor. It is a locally packaged 5 ml bottle costing INR 50 but is very effective, I would try to find out the name of it.

    Here is something interesting for you – City Farming.

    Bye for now.

  3. geekgardener Says:

    Hey FG,

    I will try to share as much as I can about the training. So no worries :).

    I have to thank you for inspiring me to try out hydroponics. I too have heard about expanded clay pellets. Their surface area is more so that they store more nutrients than other medium. I am surprised that you were able to find it in your native. Amazing.. You search, search and search then return home to find it huh?..

    I have similar news to you. I went to a place called “Gandhinagar” in bangalore which is famous for plant seeds/fertilizer to buy Vardhaman Fertilzers and to my bad luck none of them stock it. But found one guy forcing me to buy a small ( around 5 ml) chinese made growth promoter.It was INR 65 and can be diluted in 20L water. I saw the ingredients in the wholesale box. It has amino acids, proteins, vitamins and micronutrients. Didnt buy it though…
    my search for vardhaman continues…

    keep you posted …and hey.. thanks for the links. its very inspiring 🙂
    good night

  4. rajapanda Says:

    hi fg,

    Those are really amazing rose flowers!!


  5. rajapanda Says:

    Hi fg,

    I seek a suggestion from you. please help me.
    I have 3 hibiscus plants(In containers). One of them seems to have a pest attack on it.I have no idea of what pest it is.
    To describe the symptom, one flowering stem of this plant has these small black dot like things on the stem and its more prominent on the flower buds. Please help me, if you know of any solution for this.


  6. fungardener Says:

    Hi Raja,
    Are they black spots of small black creatures called aphids?
    It could also be a fungus or may be some a secretion from an insect.
    Anyway just spray water on the entire plant from a hose pipe in the morning. If those spots are not gone try spraying the following formula :
    mix 1tsp Liquid detergent + 1 tsp edible oil and dilute in 1 ltr. of water and spray well on both the sides of the leaves.
    This changes the ph of the plant leaves and makes them an uncomfortable place to live for small pests and fungus (specially powdery mildew).
    Let me know the result.

  7. rajapanda Says:

    hi fg,
    I guess they are alphids. But, I don’t see the tiny legs as shown in so many pics on the web. I have tried spraying water on them so many times, no use. Just few days back i had tried spraying only liquid detergent+water mix. Looks like it has some effect, not many black spots around, but they aren’t complete gone. So, i’ll try your suggestions tomorrow.
    Will keep you posted.


  8. Raja Says:

    Hi fg,

    Sorry for not keeping you updated with the results on this topic. I did try the formula as given you and aphids have reduced drastically. But they return once in few days and I spray this solution again. So, the game of luka-chippi continues.


  9. Shyamala Atya,Nagpur Says:


    I have gone through your blog. Nice work you have done. I like the roses.
    It seems to be that you have worked hard to achieve this stuff.

    Good luck

  10. fungardener Says:

    Thanks Shyamala,
    Though the it didn’t take much hard work, but constant care is required for plants, specially you should be able to understand what your plants need and they will definitely reciprocate to your care.
    Are you also a gardener?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    god your roses are amazing i have some rose plants which never flowers inspite of feeding them with superphospate and potash i also give them epsomsalt in ,minimum dosage when iprune them fresh leaves appear but after afew days they become brown as if they have dried up please give suggestions

  12. Sweta Khalasi Says:

    Hi FG,
    Thank you so much for your sharing. Myself Shweta from Pune and I recently started with gardening. I have any plants including roses, Lily and orchid. I also would like to know if you know any place in Pune where i can get all gardening materials including cans, ferilizers, seeds, peat etc.

    It would be great if you help me out as i am spending lot of time in knowing correct places. Since you already did that it will help me.

    • fungardener Says:

      Hi Sweta,
      Sorry for the late reply. Nice to know that you have started gardening, you will definitely enjoy your life more having gardening as a hobby.

      You can get gardening supplies in Swargate, Marketyard , Baner Road, Magarpatta areas.
      These days lot of good products are available online also.

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